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Hello, Gabriel Munteanu here... Banners or Text Ads

Just starting out, so trying to get my brand out there. I am open to suggestions or feedback from anyone who joins 1 of my sites! If you have a good idea or opportunity where to put my page, let me know!

If you would like to advertise on my page...  Just join 1 of my sites and e-mail me which one you joined, with your promotion banner (img & target url, I will host) or your html code.(no bigger than 250x250) or a text ad, (20 words max) with your url.  As soon as I see you have joined, I will put your banner or text ad on my site within 24 hours. You get 1 spot for every site you join!  You can change your banner or text ad anytime, just send me the information. First come will get the higher spot... 

Note: Your site must be in good taste and not offensive!!!

I advertise on...

  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Mailers
  • Social Media
  • ...

I hate spam, so your e-mail will not be sold or added to any list. I will only e-mail you until we get your ad setup and to give you the url to this page. So you can see if you like your ad and make sure it works. 

I might even like what you are promoting and join myself!!!

To your success,

Gabriel Munteanu...

P.S. This site will grow as I join other sites... could be yours!


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